Brimma’s silver lining to a confusing cloud environment.

3 min readMay 18, 2022


This is Part One of our step-by-step guide to automating mortgage processes “in the cloud”.

The amount of technology associated with standing-up a cloud environment is daunting for anyone who has not yet started their cloud journey. We’ve been using cloud technology since its inception and it’s still hard to stay abreast of all of the new advancements.

  • How do we size our Virtual Machines?
  • Do we need to set-up VNets? Subdomains? Firewalls?
  • If we use NoSQL, is our data at risk?
  • Should I be using Docker? Kubernetes?.

If you are a Microsoft customer, it’s made really easy to start creating “stuff” in Azure. Unfortunately, the ease with which you can get started can open up your company and your data to hackers if you don’t perfectly architect your cloud.

So how do I get started without putting my company at risk? We asked ourselves the same question. Even with our depth of technology experience, we realized there are only three ways to ensure we have bullet- proof cloud environments:

  1. Hire some super awesome (and super expensive!) cloud architects
  2. Outsource the cloud work and let someone else run it for you (which starts to defeat the cost-effectiveness of using the cloud)
  3. Come up with repeatable patterns for setting up cloud environments so they consistently include all of the controls that you need… This is where Brimma comes into the picture.

Will you be deploying complex applications into your cloud environment on Day 1? Probably not. Brimma recognizes that it’s more likely that you’ll deploy small-to-medium complexity applications that give you payback and prove out the value of using the cloud. Importantly, these applications don’t need to leverage every available feature in Azure or AWS. They actually lend themselves to predefined cloud environments that you might call “cloud set-up in a box.” In this case, “the box” is a preset configuration of ~25–30 cloud constructs that, together, give you the security and performance that you need.

As soon as you realize “cloud in a box” satisfies both your need for security and an easy set-up, the next logical step is to ask “Is someone already solving this problem?” At Brimma, our answer to this question came in the form of a partnership with Duplocloud. You can read about their mission separately, but suffice it to say, they simplify the cloud set-up process by allowing us to offer you “cloud set-up in a box”. Within a matter of minutes, you can have a perfect cloud environment created for you.

Once we have solved how to set-up your cloud, the next step is to get your cloud connected to all the other systems you use. We’ll explore that in Part Two of this series.

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